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Produced Water Treatment Videos


 Introduction to Produced Water Treating & Debottlenecking with Hydrocyclones (17:48 minutes)

Produced water treatment equipment selection, performance prediction, and ranking – with emphasis on deoiler hydrocyclone fundamentals and definitions.

Liquid-Liquid Hydrocyclone (Deoiler) Fundamentals (22:49 minutes)

Liquid-liquid cyclone fluid mechanics, forces, geometry, and operating principles. Also provides operating curves for flow, droplet, reject, PDR, etc. and boundary conditions to optimize performance of a single-liner.

Deoiler Liner, Vessel, and Package Design (25:50 minutes)

Comparison of deoiler liner, vessel, and package design focusing on scale-up, equipment design and build, turndown, control systems, and operating boundaries for vessel and package.

Deoiler Misconceptions & Corrections (20:42 minutes)

Covers liner design comparison, interchangeability with other PWT equipment, emulsion treating, gas-condensate systems, turndown, and pumped system design.

Liquid-Liquid Hydrocyclone Alternate Operating Modes (16:28 minutes)

Expanding the operation of the liquid-liquid cyclone to dehydration and preseparation for bulk oil-water treatment. Establishes the good limits of operation.

Produced Water Debottlenecking with Deoilers – Partial Processing (18:24 minutes)

Deploying liquid-liquid cyclones to increase oil & gas production in water-constrained systems. Includes process, equipment, and system design with listing of guidelines and boundary conditions.

Case Studies with Deoilers (8:34 minutes)

Examples system including natural pressure driven, pump driven, desander-deoiler combination, and deoiler with degasser.


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