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Desander Animation (1:41 minutes)

eProcess Cyclonic Desander; Visual representation of the internal operations and fluid flow of the Desander, including solids entry, and separation, together with the final cleaned oil, gas, water product.

Desander Demo (3:02 minutes)

Demonstration of desander setup and operation at normal and high concentration of solids. Includes visualization of particle travel in cyclone, apex, and accumulator sections. Operation of apex flux balance line to overcome high solids loading is shown.

Accumulator Demo (2:52 minutes)

Demonstration of accumulator purge process. The accumulator is used below multiphase and liquid desander to hold separated solids for batch discharge. Includes purge of sand from bottom of accumulator (normal operation) and top (alternate operation).

eJECT Cyclonic Jetting Demo (4:36 minutes)

Demonstration of setup and operation of the eJECT cyclonic jetting technology. Includes sand removal from horizontal and vertical vessels. Shows operation above and below the waterline, sand particle suction and travel, and movement of solids from one location to another.

World’s Largest Offshore Facilities Sand Management System (5:09 minutes)

Shows five-step methodology applied to deepwater production spar. Includes layout of all equipment, flow of solids from separation through transport, description of process operation, and full visualization of solids throughout the steps. This system is detailed in paper OTC-24705-MS.


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